Serving as the Association’s interim Chief Executive Officer, the turnaround plan included re-defining the association’s mission, re-aligning the organization to carry out the re-defined mission and moving the organization’s headquarters from Los Angeles to Sacramento where it would be more effective in its primary function as a political representative for the industry.

Within six months Mr. Masse eliminated a cash flow deficit that would have resulted in the use of all association working capital.

In addition to implementing the turnaround plan, Mr. Masse was responsible for overseeing the Western Hospitality and Foodservice Tradeshow after the Managing Director unexpectedly resigned eight weeks before the event. The tradeshow was responsible for generating over 60% of the Association’s annual operating revenue and is the largest restaurant industry tradeshow in the western United States and second nationally.

Following the turnaround, and relocation of the company’s headquarters, Broadway Advisors worked with a national recruiting firm to identify and screen permanent CEO candidates.