Restructuring & Turnaround

Companies in transition create unexpected demands for even the most experienced management teams. While most owners and managers can handle the everyday demands of running a company, there is often not enough capacity to take on the additional initiatives necessary for restructuring.

Our experience allows us to efficiently identify the key issues and quickly develop a plan to solve them. Services traditionally include:

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  • Liquidity management
  • Developing cash flow projections
  • Developing and managing working capital initiatives
  • Capital structure modifications
  • Contingency planning
  • Asset sales

Our principals have been leading successful turnarounds and restructurings for over 40 years.

Our proven approach will reassure all parties-in-interest that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value.

See how we have helped our restructuring clients.

Case Studies

Financial Advisory

Sound decisions based on factual analysis are the key to a successful business. Our financial professionals help clients identify, evaluate, and provide actionable, results-based solutions to financial, operational and management issues.

Our services include:

  • Assessing short- and long-range strategic plans
  • Identifying key business drivers, trends in profitability, and significant concentrations of risk
  • Evaluating management and staff, capital structure, costs, operations, and competitive environment
  • Preparing cash flow, income statement and balance sheet projections

Chief Restructuring Officer Services

Broadway Advisors’ professionals are ready to step in to fill a variety of leadership roles in times of transition or distress. Our experience in numerous industries results in well-rounded individuals who are thoroughly trained in C-level roles such as Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer.

We understand that during times of transition and crisis, clients need reliable, objective leaders with strategic decision-making abilities who can make tough decisions to improve a company’s operations. Our leadership will work with yours to develop and implement a restructuring plan with the goal of creating a more focused, efficient and streamlined company.

Bankruptcy Services

Financial Advisor to the Debtor

Broadway Advisors is a leader in advising debtors through the bankruptcy process. With over 40 years combined experience, our process results in an efficient, streamlined bankruptcy process.

Our experts are adept in all phases of insolvency proceedings, including coordination with attorneys, analysis in support of petitions and affiliated motions, and preparation of court-mandated reports.

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  • Pre-petition business assessment
  • Bankruptcy preparation and planning
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • DIP financing and/or exit financing, including negotiations with lenders
  • Developing plans of reorganization (POR), including negotiations with lenders, creditors, and other stakeholders
  • Liquidation of non-core business assets
  • Sale of part or all of a company as a going concern in a Section 363 sale

Bankruptcy Claims & Administration

Broadway Advisors has extensive experience in all phases of insolvency proceedings, including coordination with attorneys, analysis and data compilation in support of petitions and affiliated motions, and preparation of court-mandated reports.

Using secure internet-based software and computer programs tools, Broadway Advisors assists debtors and counsel in administering bankruptcy-related data, such as claims and liabilities information.

Our experience in bankruptcy and restructuring provides clients with a broad-based perspective from the earliest stages of the process to emergence and beyond.

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The areas in which we have assisted clients include:

  • Pre-filing preparation, including statements of financial affairs
  • Assembling schedules of assets and liabilities
  • Reconciling claims to scheduled liabilities
  • Evaluating claims and assisting in claims litigation
  • Performing preference analysis
  • Conducting balloting and tabulation
  • Managing the disbursements process

Liquidating Trustee

On behalf of the stakeholders of bankrupt or insolvent companies, Broadway Advisors frequently acts as a fiduciary, providing independent leadership to preserve the value of estate assets and maximize recoveries.

With a proven track record of excellent results, Broadway Advisors is very proficient in developing strategies to monetize the debtor’s assets to achieve the highest net recovery for creditors. Our liquidating trustee services include:

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  • Developing liquidation plans
  • Winding down business affairs
  • Selling orphan assets
  • Negotiating with claim holders such as taxing authorities
  • Investigating actions of prior management
  • Pursuing litigation and causes of action
  • Pursuing recovery activities and resolving claims
  • Calculation and preparing distributions
  • Preparing financial reports and tax information for the estate

Section 363 Sales

Section 363 sales can be an efficient way to maximize the value of a distressed company for the benefit of its stakeholders and creditors within the Chapter 11 process. Broadway Advisors professionals lead and assist in marketing, negotiating and selling some or substantially all of a debtor’s assets on an accelerated timeline.

Our professional approach involves finding creative solutions to problems and avoiding recovery-eroding costs by defining the issues and acting rapidly to resolve them. The key to a successful sale is to understand the buyer, their motivation, and limit the opportunities to opt out.

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